Listening to the voice of New Zealand customers

...making it easy for New Zealand customers to give confidential
feedback about their experiences with local government

Customer survey of consent and inspection services

This nationwide study is being conducted to help identify what local councils do well and how they could improve their consent and inspection services.

Who should respond:

We are very keen to hear from individuals and organisations who have been directly involved as “customers” of any of these local government services during the past 12 months. (If you are not the person that was most directly involved, please forward this link to them and ask if they would take part in the survey).

Your response:

Feedback about your experience would be of great value to this study. Your response is confidential and you will not be asked for any personally identifiable information. (If you have already taken part in this study in the past, and you have had more recent experience of these services, we would welcome your updated feedback).

To provide feedback about your experience with any of these services, please click on the appropriate buttons below to access the on-line questionnaires. 

Resource Consents:

Building Consent:

Inspection Services:

Resourse Consent Building Consent Building Inspection